Luda yã takada kũ Bisã yão

Bisa Bible

Language: [bqp]BisãBusa
Title:Luda yã takada kũ Bisã yãoBisa Bible
Abbreviation:BQPID: BQPSIM or bqp
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Portions of the Holy Bible in the Busa language of Nigeria

Zaakũ Luda ye anduniai à kɛ̀ zↄ̃kↄ̃, akũ à a Nɛ́ mɛ̀n do légelege kpà, de gbɛ̃ kũ àtɛni a náani kɛ sún garo, séde àgↄ̃ wɛ̃̀ndi kũ àdi lákaro vĩ.

—John 3:16

Luda yã takada kũ Bisã yão

Portions of the Holy Bible in the Busa language of Nigeria

Copyright © 2005 SIM International

Language: Bisã

Language in English: Busa

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