Ana-Maṉngulg Ana-Wubiba -- Anu-gadhuwa Ana-lhaawu

Wubuy Shorter Bible

Language: [nuy]WubuyNunggubuyu
Title:Ana-Maṉngulg Ana-Wubiba -- Anu-gadhuwa Ana-lhaawuWubuy Shorter Bible
Abbreviation:ID: NUYBSA or nuy
Copyright © 2010 Bible Society of Australia
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The New Testament and Old Testament portions in the Wubuy language of Northern Australia

Na-God ngarrani-ngaynbandii-windiyung warra-wurru-wurruj anaani-rruj-jinyung ana-lhal-lhangu ngurru-burraa, wudani-yung-gala ngarrani-yayn, nigawi-nyinyung naaynjaabu-nyung-bugij na-Niwiyayung. Nguynju yadhu, warraaynbaj-maynji ambu-jambarrgiiyn niga na-Niwiyayung, yagi wu-ngawi, warrubawi-yung ambu-wiri ambu-burraa anggu-wuguuguni.

—John 3:16

Ana-Maṉngulg Ana-Wubiba -- Anu-gadhuwa Ana-lhaawu

The New Testament and Old Testament portions in the Wubuy language of Northern Australia

copyright © 2010 Bible Society of Australia
Language: Wubuy (Nunggubuyu)

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