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Rawie & Char Haas: Missionaries to Russia

1999 Cyber Pow-Wow -- "With God's help, I will do my best."

1998 Report, page 1
1998 Report, page 2
Cyber Pow-Wow

Our main body of work is in Russia.  I will be starting in Latvia in a few months, but right now I am heading back to Russia to see my Royal Rangers.

Our support address is:

Rawie Haas  #173
c/o Calvary International
PO Box 10305
Jacksonville FL 32247-0305

Our field contact address is:

Rawie & Char Haas
c/o Steve Bradcovich
AB/K 651
Riga, Latvia  LV1050

phone: 011-371-303-2-13
fax: 011-371-303-2024

Rawie G Haas: Russian Royal Rangers
Char Haas: Equipping Worshippers

Reaching Children for Christ
Keeping Them with Christ and
Making Them Ready to be Servants of Christ.

Alive & Well & Serving the King of Kings in Russia!!

2nd International Cyber Pow-Wow

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