A list of genealogies
The descendants of Adam
The descendants of Japheth
The descendants of Ham
The descendants of Shem
The descendants of Abraham
The descendants of Esau
The descendants of Seir
The kings of Edom
The descendants of Jacob
The descendants of Judah
Descendants of Hezron
Jerahmeel's descendants
Caleb's descendants
The sons of King David
The kings of Judah
Other descendants of King David after the people of Judah were exiled
Other clans descended from Judah
Descendants of Simeon
The descendants of Reuben
The descendants of Gad
The armies of the tribes that lived east of the Jordan River
The eastern half of the tribe of Manasseh
The descendants of Levi
The temple musicians
Land for the descendants of Levi
The descendants of Issachar
The descendants of Benjamin
Naphtali's sons
Manasseh's descendants
Descendants of Ephraim
The descendants of Asher
Another list of descendants of Benjamin
The people in Jerusalem
The ancestors and descendants of King Saul
The death of King Saul
David became the king
David's men captured Jerusalem
The list of David's most mighty warriors
Some warriors joined David
Others joined David at Hebron
Bringing back the Sacred Chest
David's palace and his family
David's army defeated the army of Philistia
They brought the Sacred Chest to Jerusalem
David's song of praise
Worship at Jerusalem and Gibeon
Yahweh's promise to David
David's prayer
David's military victories
David's officials
The battle against the Ammon people-group
David's army captured the capital city of Ammon
Wars against the giants in Philistia
David commanded that the soldiers be counted
God punished the people of Israel
The preparations for the temple
The duties of the descendants of Levi
The descendants of Gershon
The descendants of Kohath
The descendants of Merari
The duties of the priests
The other descendants of Levi
The duties that David assigned to the musicians
The guards of the temple gates
Other work at the temple
Army commanders
The administrators of the twelve tribes
The king's other officials
David's instructions to Solomon for building the temple
Gifts for building the temple
David's prayer
Solomon was crowned to become the king
The death of David