Samuel was born
Hannah dedicated Samuel to Yahweh
Eli's sons were wicked
Eli warned his sons
A prophet warned what would happen to Eli and his family
Yahweh Called Samuel
The Philistines captured the sacred chest
Eli died
What happened when the sacred chest stayed among the Philistines
They returned the sacred chest to the Israelis
Yahweh rescued the Israelis
The Israelis asked for a king
Saul met Samuel
Samuel appointed Saul to be king
What Samuel prophesied came true
Saul's army rescued the people of Jabesh
The people proclaimed Saul as king
Samuel's final speech
Saul disobeyed God
Saul's army had difficulties
Jonathan and his armor-bearer killed many Philistines
The Israelis defeated the Philistia army
The dispute about Jonathan eating honey
The soldiers rescued Jonathan from Saul
Saul's army defeated many of their enemies
Saul's army defeated the Amalekites
Yahweh rejected Saul as king
Saul asks to be forgiven
Samuel executed King Agag
Samuel appointed David to be king
David played the harp for Saul
Goliath challenged the Israeli army
David went to Saul's camp
David killed Goliath
Saul became jealous of David
David married Saul's daughter
Saul tried to kill David
Michal helped David to escape
God's spirit came on Saul
Jonathan helped David escape from Saul
David and his men hid in a cave
David and his men hid in a cave at Adullam
Saul killed Ahimelech and many other priests
David saved the people of Keilah
Saul pursued David
David spared Saul's life
Samuel died
Nabal insulted David
Nabal died
David married Abigail
David spared Saul's life again
David taunted Abner and Saul
David stayed among the Philistia people-group
Saul consulted a witch/medium
The king of Philistia sent David back home
David's army defeated the Amalekites
Saul and his sons died in a battle