Elijah condemned King Ahaziah
Elijah is taken up to heaven
Elisha made the water pure
Elisha cursed boys who made fun of him
The war between Israel and Moab
Elisha helped a poor widow
Elisha caused the son of the woman from Shunem to become alive again
Elisha made some stew edible
Elisha multiplied food for the prophets
Naaman was healed of leprosy
Elisha cursed Gehazi for being greedy
The axe head floated
Elisha tricked the army of Syria
The army of Syria surrounded Samaria
The Syrian army became frightened and left
The widow from Shunem recovered her land
Elisha predicted the death of the king of Syria
King Jehoram of Judah
King Ahaziah of Judah
Jehu became the king of Israel
King Joram of Israel was killed
King Ahaziah of Judah was killed
Queen Jezebel was killed
Ahab's descendants were murdered
The people who worshiped Baal were killed
Jehu died
Queen Athaliah of Judah
King Joash of Judah
King Jehoahaz of Israel
King Jehoash ruled Israel
Elisha died
War between Israel and Syria
King Amaziah of Judah
King Jeroboam #2 of Israel
King Uzziah of Judah
King Zechariah of Israel
King Shallum of Israel
King Menahem of Israel
King Pekahiah of Israel
King Pekah of Israel
King Jotham of Judah
King Ahaz of Judah
When Hoshea ruled Israel
The reason that the Israelis were defeated
Other groups settled in Israel
King Hezekiah started to rule Judah
The army of Assyria invaded Judah
Sennacherib threatened to destroy Jerusalem
Hezekiah consulted the prophet Isaiah
Hezekiah prayed
Isaiah predicted that the Assyrians would not conquer Jerusalem
Hezekiah's sickness and his recovery
The messengers from the king of Babylonia
King Manasseh of Judah
King Amon of Judah
King Josiah of Judah
Josiah got rid of pagan worship
Josiah had them celebrate the Passover Festival
Other things that Josiah changed
The end of Josiah's rule of Judah
King Joahaz of Judah
King Jehoiakim of Judah
Jehoiachin ruled Judah
Zedekiah ruled in Judah
Jerusalem was destroyed
Gedaliah was appointed governor in Judah
Jehoiachin was released