Introduction to Moses' first speech
Moses reminded them that he had appointed leaders
Moses reminded them about sending the spies
Moses reminded them how God punished them when they refused to go
Moses reminded them of their wandering in the desert
Other groups that lived near Canaan
Moses reminded them of crossing the Arnon River
Moses reminded them of the defeat of King Og
Moses reminded them of dividing the land east of the Jordan
Moses reminded them that he was not allowed to enter Canaan
Moses urged the people to obey God's laws
Moses warned them about worshiping idols
Only Yahweh is God
The cities of refuge
Where Moses gave them God's laws
Moses repeated for them the Ten Commandments
The commandment to love God
The blessings of worshiping God only
Moses urged them to remember and obey
The reason that God will enable them to be victorious
Moses reminded them of the golden calf
A new copy of the Ten Commandments
What Yahweh required
Moses reminded them of the great things that God did
The one place for worship
Moses warned them against idolatry
Creatures that were forbidden to be eaten
Giving tithes
The year for canceling debts
Freeing slaves
Rules about sacrificing firstborn animals
The Passover Festival
The festival for harvesting grain
The Festival of Living in Shelters
Judging people fairly
Warning against worshiping other gods
Warning against sacrificing defective animals
Punishment for idolatry
Judging difficult cases
Proper behavior for a king
What the priests were to receive
A warning about pagan practices
The promise to send a prophet like Moses
The cities of refuge
Warning against moving boundaries
Warnings about witnesses
Rules concerning fighting wars
When no one knows who murdered someone
The rule about marrying women who are captured
The oldest son's inheritance
A rebellious son
Burying criminals
Various other laws
Rules concerning sex
Exclusion from Yahweh's people
Keeping the camp clean
Various other laws
Laws about divorcing and remarrying
Various laws
Whipping criminals
Don't muzzle your ox
Responsibility to a dead brother
Two other laws
Getting revenge on the Amalek people-group
Offerings at harvest time
The tithes
Yahweh's own people
The stone tablets set up on Ebal Mountain
The curses from disobeying God
The blessings from obeying God
The curses from disobeying God
The agreement made in Moab
Bringing them back to Israel
God's commands are very accessible
Moses appointed Joshua to succeed him
The laws are to be read periodically
Moses predicted their disobedience
The song that Moses sang to them
God told Moses that he would see the land from far away
Moses blessed the Israeli tribes
How Moses died