God made the earth and the sky
God made the garden of Eden
Those first people sinned by disobeying God
God punished Adam and Eve's oldest son Cain for killing his younger brother Abel
The descendants of Cain
Adam and Eve had another son, Seth
The descendants of Adam
People became very evil and did many evil actions
Noah pleased God, so God planned to spare him
God sent a flood to cover the earth
God caused the water to recede and then told Noah to leave the boat
God promised to never again destroy all the people with a flood
God made an agreement with Noah
What happened after Noah got drunk
The descendants of Noah's sons
Yahweh caused people to speak many different languages after they started to build a tower at Babel
Shem's descendants
Terah's descendants
Yahweh told Abram to go to Canaan and promised to bless him
Abram and Sarai went to Egypt for a while
Abram and Lot separated
Abram moved to Hebron
Abram rescued Lot
Melchizedek blessed Abram
Yahweh made a solemn promise to Abram
Sarai gave Abram a slave woman to be another wife, and she gave birth to Ishmael
Yahweh changed Abram's name to Abraham and made an agreement with him
God told Abraham that all the males must be circumcised as part of that agreement
God changed Sarai's name to Sarah
God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son
Yahweh appeared to them and promised again that they would have a son
Abraham tried to intercede for the wicked people of Sodom
Angels warned Lot that Sodom would be destroyed because of the people's wickedness
God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah cities
Lot's daughters tricked him into making them pregnant
Abraham deceived King Abimelech about Sarah
Sarah gave birth to Isaac
Abraham sent Hagar and her son Ishmael away
Yahweh told Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice
After Sarah died, Abraham bought a burial place for her
Abraham sent a servant to Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac
Abraham's servant found a wife for Isaac
Abraham died and was buried near Sarah
The descendants of Ishmael
The birth of Esau and Jacob
Esau sold his rights as the oldest son
Isaac deceived King Abimelech
The Philistines argued with Isaac about wells
Isaac made a peace treaty with King Abimelech
Esau married foreign women
Jacob received a blessing from Isaac by trickery
Jacob fled from Esau
Isaac gave instructions to Jacob
Esau married Ishmael's daughter
God made a promise to Jacob in a dream
Jacob met Laban's daughter Rachel at Haran
Jacob married Leah and Rachel
Leah gave birth to four sons
Jacob had more sons and a daughter
Jacob tricked Laban and became very wealthy
Jacob's family fled from Laban
Jacob rebuked Laban after Laban caught up with him
Jacob and Laban made a solemn promise not to harm each other
Jacob sent gifts to Esau as he prepared to meet him
Jacob wrestled with Yahweh
Jacob and Esau met peacefully
Hamor's son Shechem raped Jacob's daughter Dinah
Dinah's brothers got revenge
Jacob and his family returned to Bethel
Rachel died as Benjamin was born
Isaac died
The descendants of Esau
Joseph had two dreams about himself and his brothers
Joseph was taken to Egypt after his brothers sold him.
Judah's daughter-in-law Tamar tricked Judah into making her pregnant
In Egypt, Joseph refused to have sex with Potiphar's wife
To get revenge, Potiphar's wife lied, and Potiphar had Joseph thrown into prison
Joseph told two other prisoners the meaning of their dreams
Joseph told the king that the meaning of his dreams was that there would be a big famine
The king made Joseph the governor of all of Egypt, to handle the problem of the famine
Joseph's brothers went to Egypt to buy grain, but didn't realize they were buying it from their brother
Joseph's brothers returned home, frightened because the money they paid was in their sacks
Joseph's brothers returned to Egypt with Benjamin, to buy more grain
Joseph made a feast for his brothers, but they still did not recognize him
Joseph tricked his brothers by having his cup put in Benjamin's sack
Back in Egypt, Joseph said that only the one who stole his cup would be his slave
Judah pleaded that he be allowed to become Joseph's slave instead of Benjamin
Joseph told his brothers who he was
The king invited Joseph's family to come and live in Egypt
Jacob and his family moved to Egypt
Joseph arranged for his family to settle in Goshen
Jacob blessed the king of Egypt
Joseph arranged for people to buy grain from him during the famine
Jacob made Joseph promise to not bury him in Egypt after he died.
Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh
Jacob blessed Joseph's two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, in a way contrary to what Joseph expected
Jacob prophesied what would happen to his sons and their descendants
Jacob died
Jacob's body was taken to Canaan and buried there
Joseph told his brothers that he would not get revenge for what they did to him
Joseph died in Egypt