The tribes of Judah and Simeon defeated the Canaanites
Springs for Caleb's daughter
More fights against the Canaanites
Yahweh's message to Israel
Joshua died
The Israelis were punished for doing evil things
Othniel became their leader
Ehud became their next leader
Shamgar became their next leader
Deborah became the next leader
The song that Deborah sang
Gideon became the next leader
Gideon and his men defeated the army from Midian
Gideon killed Zebah and Zalmunna
Gideon refused to be their king
Gideon died
Abimelech became king in Shechem
Abimelech and his men killed the people of Shechem
They killed the people in the fortress
Abimelech was killed
Tola ruled the Israelis
Jair ruled the Israelis
The Ammon people-group oppressed the Israelis
Jephthah was chosen to be their leader
Jephthah's message to the king of the Ammon people-group
Jephthah's army defeated the tribe of Ephraim
Ibzan became their leader
Elon became their leader
Abdon became their leader
Samson was born
Samson's riddle
Samson got revenge on the Philistines
Samson removed the gate at Gaza
Samson killed many thousands of Philistines when he died
Micah made idols and hired a priest
The tribe of Dan took Micah's priest and his idols
A Levite and his concubine
The war between the tribe of Benjamin and the other tribes of Israel
They found wives for the men of the tribe of Benjamin