Job spoke
Finally, Job spoke, and he cursed the day that he was born. He said,
“I wish that the day when I was born could be eradicated,
and also the night when I was conceived.
I wish that the day when I was born would have been covered in darkness.
I wish that God who is in heaven [MTY] would have forgotten about that day,
and that the sun would not have shone on it.
I wish that thick/intense darkness would have filled that day,
and that a black cloud would have come over it
and blotted out all light
and caused the people to be terrified.
I wish that the night when I was conceived would be erased from the calendar,
with the result that it would never again appear as one night in any month,
and that it would not be included in any calendar.
I wish that no child would again be conceived on that night of the month [MET],
and that no one would again be happy on that night.
I want those people who ◄curse/put evil spells on► days—those who know how to arouse/awaken the great sea monster—to curse that day.
I wish that the stars that shone early in the morning on that day after I was conceived will not shine again.
I want those stars to have wished in vain for light to shine;
and that they would not have shone on that day.
10  That was an evil day because my mother's womb was not closed;
instead, I was born, and I have now experienced all these terrible things.
11 I wish that I had died [RHQ] when I was born,
at the time I emerged from my mother's womb.
12 I wish that my mother had not [RHQ] allowed me to live.
I wish that she had not nursed me at her breasts.
13 If I had died at the time when I was born,
I would be asleep, resting peacefully.
14 I would be resting with kings whose beautiful palaces that they built are now in ruins (OR, who rebuilt palaces that had previously been destroyed),
and I would be resting with their officials who have also died.
15 I would be resting with princes who were wealthy,
whose palaces were filled with gold and silver.
16 I wish that I had been buried like a child who died in its mother's womb
and never lived to see the light.
17 After wicked people die, they do not cause any more troubles;
those who are very tired now will rest.
18 Those who were in prison rest peacefully after they die;
they no longer have slave-drivers who curse them.
19 Rich people and poor people are alike after they die,
and those who were slaves are no longer controlled by their masters.
20 ◄Why does God allow those who are suffering greatly like me to continue to remain alive?/I do not understand why God allows those who are suffering greatly like me to continue to remain alive.► [RHQ]
Why does he allow those who are very miserable/distressed to keep living [RHQ]?
21 They long/want to die, but they do not die.
They desire to die more than people desire to find a hidden treasure.
22 When they finally die and are buried, they are very happy.
23 Those who do not know where they are eventually going [RHQ],
people whom God has forced [MET] to continue to live in misery,
◄it is not right that they continue to live./why do they continue to live?► [RHQ]
24 I continually cry very much; as a result, I cannot eat;
my groaning continually pours out of me like water.
25 Things that I always worried might happen to me, have happened to me;
things that I always dreaded have come upon me.
26 Now I have no peace in my inner being,
I have no quietness;
I cannot rest;
instead, I have only troubles.”