What Yahweh commanded Joshua
What Joshua commanded the eastern tribes
How Rahab helped the Israeli spies
The Israelis crossed the Jordan River
The Israeli people and Joshua set up memorials
The Israeli males were circumcised at Gilgal
The commander of Yahweh's army appeared to Joshua.
The walls of Jericho collapsed and the Israelis captured the city.
The men of Ai defeated the Israelis
Achan was punished for his sin
The town of Ai is destroyed
A summary of the battle
Joshua repeated Yahweh's agreement with the Israeli people
The Gibeonites tricked the Israelis
Joshua's army defeated the descendants of Amor when God made the sun stand still
Joshua's army defeated the armies of five kings
They conquered the southern cities
Joshua's army captured towns in the north
The kings defeated by the Israelis
The areas that the Israelis had not yet captured
The land east of the Jordan River
The land west of the Jordan River
Land for Caleb
Land for the tribe of Judah
Land for the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh
The rest of the land was allotted
The land for the tribe of Benjamin
Land for the tribe of Simeon
Land for the tribe of Zebulun
Land for the tribe of Issachar
Land for the tribe of Asher
Land for the tribe of Naphtali
Land for the tribe of Dan
Land for Joshua
Cities of refuge
Towns for the Levites
The tribes east of the Jordan went home
Joshua's final speech
Joshua encouraged the Israeli people to worship only Yahweh
Joshua died