Philemon 4-7
I thank God and rejoice greatly because you have shown that you love God's people.
Philemon 8-11
Because I know that you love God's people, I request, rather than command you, to do what you ought to do for my spiritual son Onesimus.
Philemon 12-16
I am sending Onesimus back to you. He is as dear to me as my own self, and he will now be even dearer to you than he is to me.
Philemon 17-19
If you consider me to be your partner, receive Onesimus as you would receive me. I guarantee to repay you whatever Onesimus owes you.
Philemon 20
Please encourage me in this matter as you encourage other believers in Christ.
Philemon 21
I have written this letter to you confident of your compliance with my request.
Philemon 22
Also, keep a guest room ready for me.
Philemon 23-25
My other fellow workers greet you(sg). May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you(pl) spiritually.