◄Why do the leaders of nations rage against God?/It is foolish for the nations to be angry with God.► [RHQ]
◄Why do people plan to rebel against God even though it is in vain?/It is useless for people to plan to rebel against God!► [RHQ]
The kings of the nations on earth prepared to revolt;
the rulers plotted together to fight against Yahweh and against his ◄Messiah/chosen king►.
They shouted, “We should free ourselves from their control [MET];
we should not let them rule over us any longer!”
But the one who sits on his throne in heaven laughs at them;
Yahweh ridicules those rulers.
Then, because he is angry with them, he rebukes them.
He causes them to be terrified when they realize that he will furiously punish them.
Yahweh says, “I have put my king on a throne on Zion, my sacred hill in Jerusalem.”
And his king says, “I will proclaim what Yahweh has decreed.
He said to me, ‘ It is as though you are my son;
today I have declared to everyone that it is as though [MET] I am your father.
Request me to give you the nations,
so that they belong to you permanently,
and I will give them to you.
Even the most remote nations will be yours.
You will defeat them completely; [MET]
you will destroy them like people smash a clay pot with an iron rod [SIM].’ ”
10 So then, you kings and other rulers on the earth, act wisely!
Heed what Yahweh is warning you!
11 Serve Yahweh, fervently respecting him;
Rejoice about what he has done for you but tremble before him!
12 Bow down humbly before his son!
If you do not do that, he will be angry,
and he will suddenly get rid of you.
Do not forget that he can, in one moment, show that he is very angry!
But he is very pleased with all those who request him to protect them [MET].