The man with a measuring line
Then I looked up and saw a man with a measuring line/tape. I asked him, “Where are you going?”
He replied, “ I am going to measure Jerusalem, to determine how wide it is and how long it is.”
Then the angel who had been talking to me started to leave, and another angel walked toward him. That other angel said to him, “Run and tell that young man that some day there will be very many people and livestock in Jerusalem, with the result that they will not all be able to live inside the city walls; many will live outside the walls. And Yahweh says that he himself will be lik [MET] a wall of fire around the city, and he will be there with his glory.”
Yahweh declares to the people who were exiled to Babylonia, “Run! Flee from Babylonia [MTY], the country east of Israel, and flee in all directions from the places where I caused you to be scattered!
You people who previously lived in Jerusalem and who now live in Babylon, flee from there! The armies of the nations that attacked you and took away your valuable possessions have attacked those who are very precious to the Commander of the armies of angels [IDI]. So he says this about me: ‘After I have honored him and sent him to rebuke the nations, it is as though I will strike them with my fist, with the result that those who were their slaves will now take back those possessions from those who caused them to become slaves.’ And when that happens, you will know that the Commander of the armies of angels is the one who sent me.”
10 Yahweh says, “ You people of Jerusalem [APO], shout and be happy, because I will be coming to you and I will live among you!”
11 At that time, people of many nations will be united to Yahweh and will become his people. He will live among all of you; and you will know that the Commander of the armies of angels is the one who sent me to you. 12  The people of Judah will be a very special part of his sacred land/country, and Jerusalem will again be the city that he has chosen. 13 Everyone, everywhere, should be silent in the presence of Yahweh, because he again will come dow from the sacred place where he lives in heaven to do great things for us.