Bible Translators’ Software Resources


Adapt It (for related-language Bible translation adaptation) home page
Adapt It — a tool that assists in translating the Bible from one dialect or language to another — from SIL
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Generator (free download)
Keyman keyboard layout software
Sample keyboard layouts for MSKLC and Keyman (free)
WordSend Scripture typesetting project (formerly called Onyx) that works with Microsoft Office Word 2003 and (in the future will work with writer)
Paratext Software displays several Bibles in parallel, allowing you to edit a new on and has good checking features
SIL Software
Gentium Unicode font
General Bible Format conversion software


Bible File Encoding for Bible Translators, Publishers, and Software Developers
Bible File Format Philosophies
Bible for the future project (closed text, limited access)
Unicode and Bible Translation (PDF, 268 KB)
What is the Dvorak Keyboard Layout?
Unified Standard Format Markup (USFM)
USFX (an XML version of USFM)
General Bible Format definition
Bible links

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