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WordSend Support and Contact Information

WordSend is not officially supported by anyone, and it is not guaranteed either to work as advertised or to not do anything bad, but if you would like to try out the current software and provide feedback to the author (Michael Paul Johnson) at your own risk, please do. You may contact me via my web contact form, or use my address that includes my first, middle and last names, using the normal conventions or the address given on our personal web site. (Please pardon the puzzles, as I'm trying to keep my spam flow under a thousand messages a day.) I do care what you think about this software, and how it can be made better.

Why the name “WordSend”?

Doug wrote:

In a rare stroke of genius, I've GOT IT!*


Think "Godsend".
It is easy to remember.
We are sending out the Word.
We are sending the Word from one format to another.

Licensing, restrictions, and costs

WordSend is open source, and is released under your choice of the Gnu Lesser Public License or the Common Public License, as explained in LICENSING.txt. Fonts included with the project are subject to the SIL Open Font License (clarified by this FAQ). You may download both the program and the source code from this site without paying more than whatever your Internet access costs you, and you may redistribute it as specified under the terms of whichever license you choose to accept. This software is copyrighted and published by SIL International, Evangel Bible Translators, and Rainbow Missions, Inc. Distribution under any other license than given above requires written permission from all copyright holders.

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