Elu Ọhụn: Ẹkụkwọ-Nsọ (Azụụn Ọhụn rịn'a)

Ika NT

Language: [ikk]IkaIka
Title:Elu Ọhụn: Ẹkụkwọ-Nsọ (Azụụn Ọhụn rịn'a)Ika NT
Abbreviation:ikkNTID: IKKWBT or ikkNT
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Revision of New Testament in Ika

“Makẹni Osolobuẹ nwẹ ihiẹn-ọsụsụọ jẹnni ndị rị ụwa ọda-ọda, 'ya haịn o gi ye akpụ Nwa ohu o nwẹ, kẹn'ọ wụrụ nị onyẹ ọwụlẹ hụn kwerini n'ẹ alakọ iwi, kama o nwọn ndụn itẹbitẹ.

—John 3:16

Elu Ọhụn: Ẹkụkwọ-Nsọ (Azụụn Ọhụn rịn'a)

Revision of New Testament in Ika

copyright © 2010 Wycliffe
Language: Ika
Translation by: Wycliffe

Ika (ikk) Nigeria
In Nigeria the word Ika is not only the name of the Ika people, but is also used to designate a local government area in the Akwa Ibom State. The Ika people are a sub group of the Igbo people. It is interesting to note that Ika is the name of a town in Croatia is one of the eight Annang local government areas of the local government areas in Akwa Ibom State. An alternative name for the Ika people is Ika-Annang. There appears to be another dialect of Ika that is spoken in Delta State of Nigeria.

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The New Testament
in Ika

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