Biblica® Wonhia ɛho kwamma nhoma Asante Twi Nkwa Asɛm™

Asante Twi Bible

Language: [twi]Asante TwiTwi
Title:Biblica® Wonhia ɛho kwamma nhoma Asante Twi Nkwa Asɛm™Asante Twi Bible
Abbreviation:WAKNAID: AKABIB or aka
Copyright © 2020 Biblica, Inc.
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Twi: Biblica® Wonhia ɛho kwamma nhoma Asante Twi Nkwa Asɛm™ (Bible)

“Na sɛnea Onyankopɔn dɔɔ wiase ni, sɛ ɔde ne Ba a ɔwoo no koro no mae, na obiara a ogye no di no nyera na wanya nkwa a enni awiei.

—John 3:16

Biblica® Wonhia ɛho kwamma nhoma Asante Twi Nkwa Asɛm™

Twi: Biblica® Wonhia ɛho kwamma nhoma Asante Twi Nkwa Asɛm™ (Bible)

copyright © 2020 Biblica, Inc.
Language: Asante Twi (Twi)
Dialect: Asante
Translation by: Biblica, Inc.

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