Version Pular Fuuta-Jallon

Pular Fuuta-Jallon New Testament

Language: [fuf]PularPular
Title:Version Pular Fuuta-JallonPular Fuuta-Jallon New Testament
Abbreviation:VPFJID: FUFPBT or fuf
Copyright © 2010 Pioneer Bible Translators
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The New Testament in the Fouta-Jallon Pular language of Guinea

Kono ɗaɓɓee taho laamu makko ngun e peewal makko ngal, ɗin piiji fow ɓeydanoyte on.

—Matthew 6:33

«Ko fii hakkee ko Alla yiɗi aduna on, o yeɗii mo Ɓiɗɗo makko bajjo on, fii kala gomɗinɗo mo wota halko, kono yo ontigi heɓu ngurndan poomayankejan.

—John 3:16

Hiɗen andi wonde piiji ɗin fow no yaadude fii moƴƴere ɓen yiɗuɓe Alla, noddiraaɓe sabu eɓɓoore makko nden.

—Romans 8:28

Version Pular Fuuta-Jallon

The New Testament in the Fouta-Jallon Pular language of Guinea

copyright © 2010 Pioneer Bible Translators
Language: Pular
Translation by: Traducteurs Pionniers de la Bible
Contributor: Pioneer Bible Translators

This translation, published by Pioneer Bible Translators, was published in 2011.

If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, please contact wab.admin@pbti.org.

The translation was completed in collaboration with Christian Reformed World Mission.

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