Fhe Bakɨmen Kaman Kameŋ

Kire NT

Language: [geb]KireKire
Title:Fhe Bakɨmen Kaman KameŋKire NT
Abbreviation:KirNTID: GEBPBT or geb
Copyright © 2001 Pioneer Bible Translators
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Kire New Testament

“Fhe Bakɨme, ana Kama bavira ki. Ana guigira wo ndavar kha nuianan ki gumgi gu mbigi ga nɨɨŋgiap, ana ne nzuav mba Kama bavira, ana anan mbe nɨɨŋgi. Ana maaŋ muuŋgim, mba ana khothɨgi gumgi gu mbigi, mbe fhɨrgi rɨgɨp vhɨzgirga tuktɨgi fhu. Zakɨra fhuvara! Mbe zazera mbara muuŋgiap ki bɨɨŋbɨɨŋ ndigirga.

—John 3:16

Fhe Bakɨmen Kaman Kameŋ

Kire New Testament

Copyright © 2001 Pioneer Bible Translators
Language: Kire
Translation by: Pioneer Bible Translators

Fhe Bakɨmen Kaman Kameŋ in the Kire Language

This translation was produced by Pioneer Bible Translators, and was published in 2001 by the Bible Society of Papua New Guinea.

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