Cohamacʉ Yare Yahari Tjuel

Guanano NT

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Title:Cohamacʉ Yare Yahari TjuelGuanano NT
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New Testament in Guanano

Cohamacʉ mʉsa pʉhtoro to jihto cjihtore cahma mʉhtaga mʉsa. Jipihtia paye baro yʉhdoro tirore cahmaga mʉsa. Noaare to yoa dutia cʉ̃hʉre cahmaga. Mʉsa ã yoari baharo Cohamacʉ sehe mʉsa cahmaa dʉhsachʉ warohca.

—Matthew 6:33

à ni tuhsʉ õ sehe ni namori jire Jesu: —Cohamacʉ jipihtina ahri yahpa macainare tuaro cahĩna. à jiro yʉhʉre to macʉnore cʉ̃irota jirirore Cohamacʉ warocare jipihtina yʉhʉre wacũ tuaina pichacapʉ ti wahaerahto cjihtore. à jia Cohamacʉ ya catia mehne ã catirucuahca tina.

—John 3:16

Ahrire yʉ yahuhtire masija mari: Jipihtina Jesure cahĩina mari jichʉ to cahmaare yoahtinare besere marine tiro. Ã jiina mari jichʉ ñʉno Cohamacʉ ã yoadohorucura marine. Ã jina mari ñano yʉhdʉpanahta ñano yʉhdʉrucu dojoaeraja. Ã jina Cohamacʉ yoadohoro mehne noano jinahca mari.

—Romans 8:28

Cohamacʉ Yare Yahari Tjuel

New Testament in Guanano

copyright © 2007 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Guanano
Translation by: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.

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The New Testament
in Guanano

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