Téereb Injiil

Wolof NT 2010

Language: [wol]WolofWolof
Dialect:Regional Wolof 
Title:Téereb InjiilWolof NT 2010
Abbreviation:ID: WOLINJ or wol2010
Copyright © 2010 La Mission Baptiste du Sénégal
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The New Testament in Wolof, 2010 version.

Le Nouveau Testament en langue Wolof, revision de 2010

Waaye jëkkleena wut nguuram ak njubteem, te loolu lépp dina leen ko ci dollil.

—Matthew 6:33

Ndaxte Yàlla dafa bëgg àddina, ba joxe jenn Doomam ji mu am kepp, ngir képp ku ko gëm am dund gu dul jeex te doo sànku mukk.

—John 3:16

Xam nanu itam ne ñi bëgg Yàlla, maanaam ñi Yàlla woo ci boppam te boole leen ci li mu tëral, Yàlla dina joo loxoom ci lépp lu xew ci seen dund, ngir jural leen lu baax.

—Romans 8:28

Téereb Injiil

The New Testament in Wolof, 2010 version.

Le Nouveau Testament en langue Wolof, revision de 2010

copyright © 2010 La Mission Baptiste du Sénégal
Language: Wolof
Dialect: Regional Wolof
Translation by: La MBS

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