Alawa Song Buk
(second edition)
Compiled by Margaret Sharpe Aboriginal and Multicultural Studies University of New England Armidale 2350
Available from AuSIL, 72 Dripstone Road, Nakara, 0811 (On Nungalinya campus)
Numbers in front of song title refer to Kriol Song Buk 1988
Aibin burrumdan ola Alawa song aibin irrim o sambadi bin gibit mi la peipa. Bambai wen yu raitim nyuwan song, ola wed en ola speling la dijan buk garra album yu burrumdan gudbaiawei. If yu laik, yu kin sandim nyuwan song la mi garrim wed la peipa en garrim kaset. Ai king meigim nyuwan alawa song buk den, en Barry en Margaret Borneman kin printim la Dawin.
This book has all the Alawa songs I have heard or written down. When you write new songs, the words and spellings in this song book will help in getting the spellings and words right. But you can also write down your songs and put them on cassette for Barry and Margaret Borneman or for me to put them in the next revision of the Alawa Song Book. It is easier to get the songs right if you send the written words and a cassette.
Margaret Sharpe 20 Oak Tree Drive ARMIDALE 2350
AuSIL, 72 Dripstone Road, NAKARA, NT, 0811
1. Boiurrumap
Mun.ji-nyarriga, mun.ji-nyarriga,
Mun.ji-nyarriga Jisas.
Nyingaya ngaba lun-jurrga nyambinyirru.
Mun.ji-nyarriga, mun.ji-nyarriga,
Mun.ji-nyarriga Jisas.
Wunya ngayi wad-nya nyurranji.
Words from Minyerri/Ngukurr. Tune: Follow, follow. Copyright unknown.