Altjirraka angkatja - Arrarnturna kngartiwukala

Western Arrarnta NT

Language: [are]Western ArrarntaArrarnta, Western
Title:Altjirraka angkatja - Arrarnturna kngartiwukalaWestern Arrarnta NT
Abbreviation:ID: AREBSA or are
Copyright © 1997 Bible Society of Australia
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The New Testament in the Western Arrarnta language of Australia

“Altjirranha kunha relha alharinya ntjarraka kngarra inthorra kangkaka. Lakinhanga era 'Lira nyintanta ekuranha alhurna yairnaka, etna erinha errilknga tutjika. Kurunga relha etnala 'Lira erinha tnakama, etna itja kutantaka ilutjina. Etna pula Altjirralela ngampakala etatha nitjina.

—John 3:16

Altjirraka angkatja - Arrarnturna kngartiwukala

The New Testament in the Western Arrarnta language of Australia

copyright © 1997 Bible Society of Australia
Language: Western Arrarnta (Arrarnta, Western)

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