Iriniane Tasorintsi

Machiguenga NT

Language: [mcb]MachiguengaMachiguenga
Title:Iriniane TasorintsiMachiguenga NT
Abbreviation:mcbNTID: MCBWBT or mcbNT
Copyright © 2008 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
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New Testament in Machiguenga (PE:mcb:Machiguenga)

“Yogari Tasorintsi pairotari yavisake itasanovageigakarira maganiro matsigenkaegi, nerotyo itigankantakaririra Itomi panirorira inkamaventaigakerira kameti ganiri ineaigairo igamane maganiro kematsaigakerinerira onti inkantakani intimaigake.

—John 3:16

Iriniane Tasorintsi

New Testament in Machiguenga (PE:mcb:Machiguenga)

copyright © 2008 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Machiguenga
Translation by: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.


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The New Testament
in Machiguenga

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