Gelulg Glusuaqan: Gisiteget Agnutmugsi'gw

Mi'kmaq NT

Language: [mic]Mi'kmaqMi'kmaq
Title:Gelulg Glusuaqan: Gisiteget Agnutmugsi'gwMi'kmaq NT
Abbreviation:MIQNTID: MICCBS or micMIQNT
Copyright © 2003 Canadian Bible Society
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Mi'kmaq: Mi'kmaq New Testament New Testament only

Gjinisgam na tetuji gsalaji mimajuinu'g, petgimapnn newgtunatl uggwisl nplin ugjit ugtlue'utiwal glaman ms't wen getlams'tuatl ma mn'tua'gig liegw gatu awna iapjiwewei mimajuaqan guguntew wa'so'q.

—John 3:16

Gelulg Glusuaqan: Gisiteget Agnutmugsi'gw

Mi'kmaq: Mi'kmaq New Testament New Testament only

copyright © 2003 Canadian Bible Society
Language: Mi'kmaq
Translation by: Canadian Bible Society

Mi’kmaq New Testament

About Mi’kmaq

Mi’kmaq is an Eastern Algonquian language, spoken by the Mi’kmaq First Nations people indigenous to Canada’s Maritime Provinces and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, with some dialects extending into Maine in the U.S. The nation has a population of about 40,000, of whom nearly 11,000 speak the Mí’kmaq language. Once written in Mí’kmaq hieroglyphic writing, it is now written using mostly letters of the standard Latin alphabet.

About This Translation

This is a translation of the New Testament in the Mi’kmaq dialect spoken in Quebec. The translation was coordinated under the auspices of the North American Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of this Bible, please contact the Canadian Bible Society at http://www.biblescanada.com.

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