Minar Poelayzimayl

Kala Lagaw Bible

Language: [mwp]Kala LagawKala Lagaw Ya
Title:Minar PoelayzimaylKala Lagaw Bible
Abbreviation:ID: MWPWBT or mwp
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Bible portions in the Kala Lagaw language of Torres Strait, Australia

kuyk Awgadhaw mam mina adhapudhay koeyza, nubi apa goewaw mabaygoepa. Kedha zoengu nuydh poeybadhin nungu kazi lak bangal mabaygan ngadh nanga nuyn mina yoepathamaypu thanamulpa guythuyaypa lawnga, thana bangal gasamoene ngaru igililnga.

—John 3:16

Minar Poelayzimayl

Bible portions in the Kala Lagaw language of Torres Strait, Australia

copyright © 2014 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Kala Lagaw (Kala Lagaw Ya)

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