Jisas Klays Takaw Teplep Ne

Tai NT

Language: [taw]TayTai
Title:Jisas Klays Takaw Teplep NeTai NT
Abbreviation:TayNTID: TAWPBT or taw
Copyright © 2013 Pioneer Bible Translators
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Tay New Testament

God binɨb lum awl mɨdupsek kɨlop mapen lak anɨb ak tek, Ñɨne nokom ak kɨlop nen agɨl ñak agak. Ak nɨm, binɨb mɨdupsek nop gos lɨnɨgɨnɨgabal okok, pɨsnep ma kul gɨnɨgel, pel pelnep yenɨgel agak.

—John 3:16

Jisas Klays Takaw Teplep Ne

Tay New Testament

copyright © 2013 Pioneer Bible Translators
Language: Tay (Tai)
Translation by: Pioneer Bible Translators


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