eBible.org certified Bibles

Some Bibles posted on the Internet are marked as eBible.org certified. This means that:

Tamper-evident seals

Freely redistributable Bibles such as those posted at https://ebible.org/Scriptures/ (for web site operators and Bible study app authors) are hashed with sha256sum to a file called signature.txt, then that file is digitally signed using Gnu Privacy Guard using this public key. The resulting file, signature.txt.asc, is packaged with the Bible.

To verify a digital signature on files on your local computer using the command line:

  1. Import and sign this public key (key ID 93505F26 for editors@eBible.org) using Gnu Privacy Guard (if you haven't done so already).
  2. Check the signature on the signature.txt.asc with the command: gpg signature.txt.asc
  3. If you haven't got the sha256sum program already, get a copy as part of the Cygwin distribution for Windows. It is included in most Linux distributions.
  4. Run the command line program: sha256sum -c signature.txt

Some Good Bible Sites

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eBible.org/study/ inScript with all World English Bible editions
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PacificBibles.org Pacific Bibles
PNGScriptures.org Papua New Guinea Bibles
TokPlesBaibel.org Tokples Baibel long Nuigini
VanuatuBibles.org Vanuatu Bibles
WorldEnglishBible.org World English Bible and World Messianic Bible

The eBible.org certified seal is a Trademark of eBible.org, and may not be used without permission.