Thai Phum Holy Bible

Thai Phum Bible

Language: [cth]Thai PhumChin, Thaiphum
Title:Thai Phum Holy BibleThai Phum Bible
Abbreviation:ID: CTHBCF or cth
Copyright © 2020 Batupuei Christian Fellowship
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The Holy Bible in the Thaiphum Chin language of Myanmar

Apuengcue vah, Cathut ni kalvan hoi talai a sak.

—Genesis 1:1

Kathutkung: Devit BAWIPA teh kaie tukhoumkung lah ao dawkvah, voutthoup hoi kaawm mahoeh.

—Psalm 23:1

Hatei, Cathut uknaeram hoi a lannae hah hmaloe tawng awh. Hathnukkhu hote hnonaw teh na poe sin awh han.

—Matthew 6:33

Cathut ni a Capa tawntoe e pasoung ditouh talaivan a lungpataw. Capa ka yuem e tami pueng teh rawk laipalah a yungyoe hringnae a tawn awh nahane doeh.

—John 3:16

Cathut ni a lungpataw teh, a pouk tangcoung e patetlah a kaw e naw hanelah, hnocawngca pueng ni hawinae koe lah doeh reirei a kâroe pouh tie teh panue awh.

—Romans 8:28

Thai Phum Holy Bible

The Holy Bible in the Thaiphum Chin language of Myanmar

Copyright © 2020 Batupuei Christian Fellowship
Language: Thai Phum (Chin, Thaiphum)
Translation by: Batupuei Christian Fellowship

copyright only valid in Myanmar; Public Domain elsewhere

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