Ooratha Caaquwaa

Dawro NT (Latin script)

Language: [dwr]DawroDawro
Title:Ooratha CaaquwaaDawro NT (Latin script)
Abbreviation:dwrNTID: DWRTBL or dwrNT
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New Testament in Dawro (ET:dwr:Dawro)

Shin kasetiide, Xoossaa kawutethaanne A xillotethaa koyyite; I hinttenttoo he ubbabaa immana.

—Matthew 6:33

“Xoossaa Na7aa ammaniyaa ubbay medhinaa de7uwa akkanaappe attin, dhayenna mala, Xoossay ha alamiyaa asaa loythi siiqeedda diraw, bare mexxi itti Na7aa immeedda.

—John 3:16

Xoossay barena siiqiyaawanttoo, bare qofaadan xeeseeddawanttoo, ubba yewuwaa lo77otethaw oothiyaawaa nuuni ereetto.

—Romans 8:28

Ooratha Caaquwaa

New Testament in Dawro (ET:dwr:Dawro)

copyright © 2011 The Word for the World
Language: Dawro
Translation by: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Contributor: The Word for the World Ethiopia

Dawro New Testament

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