Baibol Tores Streit Yumplatok

Yumplatok Bible

Language: [tcs]YumplatokTorres Strait Creole
Title:Baibol Tores Streit YumplatokYumplatok Bible
Abbreviation:ID: TCSWBT or tcs
Copyright © 2016 Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Portions of the Holy Bible in the Tores Strait Creole language of Australia

Mina prapa longtaim, bipotaim, God i bin meke da skai ane ebriting de antap wea da skai, da lan ya daun ane ebriting lo da lan.

—Genesis 1:1

Ip yupla i mata meke wok blo God, ane meke em king blo yupla, den em i go gibe yupla ebriting yupla i nidem.

—Matthew 6:33

‘God i prapa labe ebridem pipol blo da wold, so em i bin sane dat wan Boi blo em wea em prapa labem, solong ebriwan uda i mata bilib wea em nogo mata stap ded, bat go gad longlaip poeba.

—John 3:16

Ane yumpla sabe God i meke ebriting wok tugeda solong ebriting i kamaut gud po ol dempla uda labe em. Diswan i po demwan uda God i bin suzem bipo ane nau em i singaut dempla po kam.

—Romans 8:28

Baibol Tores Streit Yumplatok

Portions of the Holy Bible in the Tores Strait Creole language of Australia

copyright © 2016 Wycliffe Bible Translators
Language: Yumplatok (Torres Strait Creole)

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