Let us go, and return to the Lord our God; for he has torn, and will heal us; he will smite, and bind us up. After two days he will heal us: in the third day we shall arise, and live before him, and shall know him: let us follow on to know the Lord: we shall find him ready as the morning, and he will come to us as the early and latter rain to the earth.
What shall I do unto thee, Ephraim? What shall I do to thee, Juda? whereas your mercy is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew that goes away. Therefore have I mown down your prophets; I have slain them with the word of my mouth: and my judgment shall go forth as the light.
For I will have mercy rather than sacrifice, and the knowledge of God rather than whole-burnt-offerings. But they are as a man transgressing a covenant: there the city Galaad despised me, working vanity, troubling water. And thy strength is that of a robber: the priests have hid the way, they have murdered the people of Sicima; for they have wrought iniquity in the house of Israel. 10 I have seen horrible things there, even the fornication of Ephraim: Israel and Juda are defiled; 11 begin to gather grapes for thyself, when I turn the captivity of my people.