And the borders of the tribe of Juda according to their families were from the borders of Idumea from the wilderness of Sin, as far as Cades southward.
And their borders were from the south as far as a part of the salt sea from the * Gr. neck. Heb. tongue.high country that extends southward. And they proceed before the ascent of Acrabin, and go out round Sena, and go up from the south to Cades Barne; and go out to Asoron, and proceed up to Sarada, and go out by the way that is west of Cades. And they go out to Selmona, and issue at the valley of Egypt; and the termination of its boundaries shall be at the sea: these are their boundaries southward.
And their boundaries eastward are all the salt sea as far as Jordan; and their borders from the north, and from the border of the sea, and from part of Jordan— the borders go up to Bæthaglaam, and they go along from the north to Bætharaba, and the borders go on up to the stone of Bæon the son of Ruben. And the borders continue on to So the Greek. There seems to be a reading of the word דברה as if part of רבע.the fourth part of the valley of Achor, and go down to Galgal, which is before the approach of Adammin, which is southward in the valley, and terminate at the water of the fountain of the sun; and their going forth shall be the fountain of Rogel. And the borders go up to the valley of Ennom, behind Jebus southward; this is Jerusalem: and the borders terminate at the top of the mountain, which is before the valley of Ennom toward the sea, which is by the side of the land of Raphain northward. And the border going forth from the top of the mountain terminates at the fountain of the water of Naphtho, and terminates at mount Ephron; and the border will lead to Baal; this is the city of Jarim. 10 And the border will go round from Baal to the sea, and will go on to the mount of Assar behind the city of Jarin northwards; this is Chaslon: and it will come down to the city of the Sun, and will go on to the south. 11 And the border terminates behind Accaron northward, and the borders will terminate at Socchoth, and the borders will go on to the south, and will terminate at Lebna, and the issue of the borders will be at the sea; and their borders shall be toward the sea, the great sea shall be the boundary. 12 These are the borders of the children of Juda round about according to their families.
13 And to Chaleb the son of Jephone he gave a portion in the midst of the children of Juda by the command of God; and Joshua gave him the city of Arboc the metropolis of Enac; this is Chebron. 14 And Chaleb the son of Jephone destroyed thence the three sons of Enac, Susi, and Tholami, and Achima. 15 And Chaleb went up thence to the inhabitants of Dabir; and the name of Dabir before was Heb. Kirjath-sepher.the city of Letters.
16 And Chaleb said, Whosoever shall take and destroy the city of Letters, and master it, to him will I give my daughter Ascha to wife. 17 And Gothoniel the son of Chenez the brother of Chaleb took it; and he gave him Ascha his daughter to wife. 18 And it came to pass as she went out that she counselled him, saying, I will ask of my father a field; and she cried from off her ass; and Chaleb said to her, § What has thou to say? or of what hast thou need?What is it? 19 And she said to him, Give me a blessing, for thou hast set me in the land of Nageb; give me Botthanis: and he gave her Gonæthla the upper, and Gonæthla the lower.
20 This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Juda. 21 And their cities were cities belonging to the tribe of the children of Juda on the borders of Edom by the wilderness, and Bæseleel, and Ara, and Asor, 22 and Icam, and Regma, and Aruel, 23 and Cades, and Asorionain, and Mænam, 24 and Balmænan, and their villages, 25 and the cities of Aseron, this is Asor, 26 and Sen, and Salmaa, and Molada, 27 and Seri, and Bæphalath, 28 and Cholaseola, and Beersabee; and their villages, and their hamlets, 29 Bala and Bacoc, and Asom, 30 and Elboüdad, and Bæthel, and Herma, 31 and Sekelac, and Macharim, and Sethennac, 32 and Labos, and Sale, and Eromoth; twenty-nine cities, and their villages.
33 In the plain country Astaol, and Raa, and Assa, 34 and Ramen, and Tano, and Iluthoth, and Mæani, 35 and Jermuth, and Odollam, and Membra, and Saocho, and Jazeca. 36 And Sacarim and Gadera, and its villages; fourteen cities, and their villages; 37 Senna, and Adasan, and Magadalgad, 38 and Dalad, and Maspha, and Jachareel, 39 and Basedoth, and Ideadalea; 40 and Chabra, and Maches, and Maachos, 41 and Geddor, and Bagadiel, and Noman, and Machedan: sixteen cities, and their villages; 42 Lebna, and Ithac, and Anoch, 43 and Jana, and Nasib, 44 and Keilam, and Akiezi, and Kezib, and Bathesar, and Ælom: ten cities, and their villages; 45 Accaron and her villages, and their hamlets: 46 from Accaron, Gemna, and all the cities that are near Asedoth; and their villages. 47 Asiedoth, and her villages, and her hamlets; Gaza, and its villages and its hamlets as far as the river of Egypt, and the great sea is the boundary.
48 And in the hill country Samir, and Jether, and Socha, 49 and Renna and the city of Letters, this is Dabir; 50 and Anon, and Es, and Man, and Æsam, 51 and Gosom, and Chalu, and Channa, and Gelom: eleven cities, and their villages; 52 Ærem, and Remna, and Soma, 53 and Jemain, and Bæthachu, and Phacua, 54 and Euma, and the city Arboc, this is Chebron, and Soraith: nine cities, and their villages: 55 Maor, and Chermel, and Ozib, and Itan, 56 and Jariel, and Aricam, and Zacanaim, 57 and Gabaa, and Thamnatha; nine cities, and their villages; 58 Ælua, and Bethsur, and Geddon, 59 and Magaroth, and Bæthanam, and Thecum; six cities, and their villages; 59a Theco, and Ephratha, this is Bæthleem, and Phagor, and Ætan, and Culon, and Tatam, and Thobes, and Carem, and Galem, and Thether, and Manocho: eleven cities, and their villages, 60 Cariathbaal, this is the city of Jarim, and Sotheba: two cities, and their villages: 61 and Baddargeis, and Tharabaam, and Ænon; 62 and Æochioza, and Naphlazon, and the cities of Sadon, and Ancades; seven cities, and their villages.
63 And the Jebusite dwelt in Jerusalem, and the children of Juda could not destroy them; and the Jebusites dwelt in Jerusalem to this day.

*15:2 Gr. neck. Heb. tongue.

15:7 So the Greek. There seems to be a reading of the word דברה as if part of רבע.

15:15 Heb. Kirjath-sepher.

§15:18 What has thou to say? or of what hast thou need?