The burden of the word of the Lord, in the land of Sedrach, and his * sacrifice shall be in Damascus; for the Lord looks upon men, and upon all the tribes of Israel. And in Emath, even in her coasts, are Tyre and Sidon, because they were very wise. And Tyrus built strongholds for herself, and heaped up silver as dust, and gathered gold as the mire of the ways. And therefore the Lord will take them for a possession, and will strike her power in the sea; and she shall be consumed with fire. Ascalon shall see, and fear; Gaza also, and shall be greatly pained, and Accaron; for she is ashamed Alex. of her hope. at her trespass; and the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ascalon shall not be inhabited. And aliens shall dwell in Azotus, and I will bring down the pride of the Philistines. And I will take their blood out of their mouth, and their abominations from between their teeth; and these also shall be left to our God, and they shall be as a captain of a thousand in Juda, and Accaron as a Jebusite. And I will set up a Or, bulwark. See Zeph. 2. 14. defence for my house, that they may not pass through, nor turn back, neither shall there any more come upon them one to drive them away: for now have I seen with my eyes. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion; proclaim it aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem; Mat 21. 5. Jno 12. 15. behold, the King is coming to you, just, and § Gr. saving. a Saviour; he is meek and riding on an ass, and a young foal. 10 And he shall destroy the chariots out of Ephraim, and the horse out of Jerusalem, and the bow of war shall be utterly destroyed; and there shall be abundance and peace out of the nations; and he shall rule over the waters as far as the sea, and the rivers to the ends of the earth. 11 And you by the blood of your covenant has sent forth your prisoners out of the pit that has no water. 12 You° shall dwell in strongholds, you° prisoners of the congregation: and for one day of your ** Or, sojourning. captivity I will recompense you double. 13 For I have bent you, O Juda, for myself as a bow, I have filled †† Or, it with Ephraim. Ephraim; and I will raise up your children, O Sion, against the children of the Greeks, and I will handle you as the sword of a warrior. 14 And the Lord shall be over them, and his arrow shall go forth as lightning: and the Lord Almighty shall blow with the trumpet; and shall proceed with the tumult of his threatening. 15 The Lord Almighty shall protect them, and they shall destroy them, and overwhelm them with sling-stones; and they shall swallow them down as wine, and fill ‡‡ Alex. the altar as bowls. the bowls as the altar. 16 And the Lord their God shall save them in that day, even his people as a flock; for holy stones are rolled upon his land. 17 For if he has anything good, and if he has anything fair, the young men shall have corn, and there shall be fragrant wine to the virgins.


9:5 Alex. of her hope.

9:8 Or, bulwark. See Zeph. 2. 14.

9:9 Mat 21. 5. Jno 12. 15.

§9:9 Gr. saving.

**9:12 Or, sojourning.

††9:13 Or, it with Ephraim.

‡‡9:15 Alex. the altar as bowls.