Is not the life of man upon earth a state of trial? and his existence as that of a hireling by the day? Or as a servant that fears his master, and one who has grasped a shadow? or as a hireling waiting for his pay? So have I also endured months of vanity, and nights of pain have been appointed me. Whenever I lie down, I say, When will it be day? and whenever I rise up, again I say when will it be evening? and I am full of pains from evening to morning. And my body is covered with loathsome worms; and I waste away, scraping off clods of dust from my eruption. And my life is lighter than a word, and has perished in vain hope. Remember then that my life is breath, and my eye shall not yet again see good. The eye of him that sees me shall not see me again: your eyes are upon me, and I am no more. I am as a cloud that is cleared away from the sky: for if a man go down to the grave, he shall not come up again: 10 and he shall surely not return to his own house, neither shall his place know him any more. 11 Then neither will I refrain my mouth: I will speak being in distress; being in anguish I will disclose the bitterness of my soul. 12 Am I a sea, or a serpent, that you have set a watch over me? 13 I said that my bed should comfort me, and I would privately counsel with myself on my couch. 14 You scare me with dreams, and do terrify me with visions. 15 You will separate life from my spirit; and yet keep my bones from death. 16 For I shall not live for ever, that I should patiently endure: depart from me, for my life is vain. 17 For what is man, that you have magnified him? or that you give heed to him? 18 Will you visit him till the morning, and judge him till the time of rest? 19 How long do you not let me alone, nor let me go, until I shall swallow down my spittle? 20 If I have sinned, what shall I be able to do, O you that understand the mind of men? why have you made me as your accuser, and why am I a burden to you? 21 Why have you not forgotten my iniquity, and purged my sin? but now I shall depart to the earth; and in the morning I am no more.