Then Eliphaz the Thaemanite answered and said, Is it not the Lord that teaches understanding and knowledge? For what matters it to the Lord, if you were blameless in your works? or is it profitable that you should perfect your way? Will you maintain and plead your own cause? and will he enter into judgement with you? Is not your wickedness abundant, and your sins innumerable? And you have taken security of your brethren for nothing, and have taken away the clothing of the naked. Neither have you given water to the thirsty to drink, but have taken away the morsel of the hungry. And you have accepted the persons of some; and you have established those that were already settled on the earth. But you have sent widows away empty, and has afflicted orphans. 10 Therefore snares have compassed you, and disastrous war has troubled you. 11 The light has proved darkness to you, and water has covered you on your lying down. 12 Does not he that dwells in the high places observe? and has he not brought down the proud? 13 And you have said, What does the Mighty One know? does he judge in the dark? 14 A cloud is his hiding-place, and he shall not be seen; and he passes through the circle of heaven. 15 Will you not mark the old way, which righteous men have trodden? 16 who were seized before their time: their foundations are as an overflowing stream. 17 Who say, What will the Lord do to us? or what will the Almighty bring upon us? 18 Yet he filled their houses with good things: but the counsel for the wicked is far from him. 19 The righteous have seen it, and laughed, and the blameless one has derided them. 20 Verily their substance has been utterly destroyed, and the fire shall devour what is left of their property. 21 Be firm, I pray you, if you can endure; then your fruit shall prosper. 22 And receive a declaration from his mouth, and lay up his words in your heart. 23 And if you shall turn and humble yourself before the Lord, you have thus removed unrighteousness far from your habitation. 24 You shall lay up for yourself treasure in a heap on the rock; and Sophir shall be as the rock of the torrent. 25 So the Almighty shall be your helper from enemies, and he shall bring you forth pure as silver that has been tried by fire. 26 Then shall you have boldness before the Lord, looking up cheerfully to heaven. 27 And he shall hear you when you pray to him, and he shall grant you power to pay your vows. 28 And he shall establish to you again a habitation of righteousness and there shall be light upon your paths. 29 Because you have humbled yourself; and you shall say, Man has behaved proudly, but he shall save him that is of lowly eyes. 30 He shall deliver the innocent, and do you save yourself by your pure hands.