He who fears the Lord will do this.
He who has possession of the law will obtain her.
She will meet him like a mother,
and receive him like a wife married in her virginity.
She will feed him with bread of understanding
and give him water of wisdom to drink.
He will be stayed upon her, and will not be moved.
He will rely upon her, and will not be confounded.
She will exalt him above his neighbors.
She will open his mouth in the midst of the congregation.
He will inherit joy, a crown of gladness,
and an everlasting name.
Foolish men will not obtain her.
Sinners will not see her.
She is far from pride.
Liars will not remember her.
Praise is not attractive in the mouth of a sinner;
for it was not sent to him from the Lord.
10 For praise will be spoken in wisdom;
The Lord will prosper it.
11 Don’t say, “It is through the Lord that I fell away;”
for you shall not do the things that he hates.
12 Don’t say, “It is he that caused me to err;”
for he has no need of a sinful man.
13 The Lord hates every abomination;
and those who fear him don’t love them.
14 He himself made man from the beginning
and left him in the hand of his own counsel.
15 If you choose, you can keep the commandments.
To be faithful is a matter of your choice.
16 He has set fire and water before you.
You will stretch forth your hand to whichever you desire.
17 Before man is life and death.
Whichever he likes, it will be given to him.
18 For the wisdom of the Lord is great.
He is mighty in power, and sees all things.
19 His eyes are upon those who fear him.
He knows every act of man.
20 He has not commanded any man to be ungodly.
He has not given any man license to sin.