Therfor Moyses stiede fro the feeldi places of Moab on the hil of Nebo, in to the cop of Fasga, ayens Gerico. And the Lord schewide to hym al the lond of Galaad `til to Dan, and al Neptalym, and the lond of Effraym and of Manasses, and al the lond of Juda, `til to the laste see; and the south part, and the breede of the feeld of Jerico, of the citee of Palmes `til to Segor. And the Lord seide to hym, This is the lond for which Y swoor to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and Y seide, Y schal yyue it to thi seed; thou hast seyn it with thin iyen, and thou schalt not passe `to it. And Moyses, the seruaunt of the Lord, was deed there, in the lond of Moab, `for the Lord comaundide. And the Lord biriede hym * biriede him, by the seruyce of aungels. in a valey of the lond of Moab, ayens Fegor, and no man knewe his sepulcre `til in to present day. Moises was of an hundrid and twenti yeer whanne he diede; his iye dasewide not, nethir hise teeth weren stirid. And the sones of Israel biwepten hym thretti daies in the feeldi places of Moab; and the daies of weilyng of men `bymorenynge Moises weren fillid. Forsothe Josue, the sone of Nun, was fillid with `the spyrit of wisdom, for Moises settide hise hondis on hym; and the sones of Israel obeieden to Josue, and diden as the Lord comaundide to Moises. 10 And `a profete roos no more in Israel `as Moises, as Moyses, that is, euene to him. whom the Lord knewe face to face, 11 in alle myraclis, and grete wondris, whiche the Lord sente bi hym, that he schulde do in the lond of Egipt to Farao, and alle hise seruauntis, and to al the lond `of hym, 12 and al strong hond, and the `grete merueylis, whiche Moyses dide bifor al Israel.

*34:6 biriede him, by the seruyce of aungels.

34:10 as Moyses, that is, euene to him.