This is what the Lord says: Where's your mother's divorce certificate I gave her when I sent her away? Which of my creditors did I sell you to? Now look! You were sold because of your sins, and your mother was sent away because of your wrongdoing. When I came, why wasn't anyone there? When I called, why didn't anyone answer? Is it because I don't have the strength to save you, or the power to rescue you? Can't you see that if I order it, the sea will dry up? I can turn rivers into a desert. Their fish stink because they've died of thirst since there's no water. I can make the heavens go dark, covering them with sackcloth like they're in mourning.
The Lord God has given me the ability to teach others, to know how to encourage those who are exhausted with a word. He wakes me up every morning; he helps me listen as a disciple. The Lord God has instructed me, and I haven't been rebellious and I haven't turned away. I offered my back for people to beat me and my cheeks for people to pull my beard. I didn't hide my face from their mocking and spitting.
The Lord God helps me, so I haven't been disgraced. That's why I'm so determined, setting my face hard as stone, knowing I won't be humiliated. The one who vindicates me is close by, so who will bring charges against me? Let's stand to oppose one another! Come on, anyone who wants to accuse me! The Lord God defends me. Who is going to declare me guilty? Look! Those who try will fall apart like old clothing, eaten up by moths.
10 Who among you respects the Lord and obeys what his servant says? Who among you walks in darkness and doesn't have light? Let them trust in the Lord and put their confidence in God. 11 Beware all you who start a fire, who pick up blazing torches! Go ahead, walk in the light of your own fire and of the torches you yourselves have set alight! This is what you will receive from me: You are going to lie down in a place of suffering.