This is what the Lord says: Heaven is my throne, and the earth is where I place my feet. So where will this house be that you're going to build for me? Where will I lie down to rest? I made everything; that's how it all came into existence, says the Lord. Those I look favorably on are humble and repentant, and they tremble when I speak.
When someone sacrifices a bull it's like human sacrifice, and when someone sacrifices a lamb, it's like breaking the neck of a dog.* A dog was considered both unclean and a low form of animal life. When they present a grain offering it's like presenting pig's blood, and when they burn incense it's like worshiping an idol. Since they have chosen to act like this and to love such disgusting things, I will also choose to punish them severely and to terrify them, because I called out to them but no one answered; I spoke to them, but no one listened. Instead they did what's evil in my sight, choosing to do what I hate.
Listen to what the Lord has to say, those of you who tremble when he speaks. Referring back to verse 2. This is what some of your people who hate you and throw you out have said, “Let the Lord be glorified, so we can see how happy you are!” Clearly said with sarcasm. but it's them who are going to be humiliated. Hear all the shouting from the city! Hear all the noise from the Temple! It's the sound of the Lord giving his enemies back what they deserve.
She§ Referring to Jerusalem as a woman. gave birth before she went into labor, she delivered a boy before the pains came. Who has ever heard of anything like this? Who has seen this kind of thing before? Can a country be delivered in a day, can a nation be born in a moment? Yet as soon as Zion went into labor, she gave birth to her children. Would I bring a baby to the point of birth and then not deliver it? the Lord asks. Would I who deliver the baby stop it from being born? the Lord asks again.
10 Celebrate with Jerusalem and be happy for her, everyone who loves her; celebrate with her and sing for joy, everyone who mourns over her. 11 Like a baby you can nurse at her breasts that bring comfort, drinking deeply and being satisfied by all she has to give.
12 This is what the Lord says: Watch! I'm going to give her peace and prosperity like a flowing river, the wealth of nations like an overflowing stream. You will nurse and be carried on her hip and played with on her knees. 13 Like a mother comforting her child, I will comfort you. You will be comforted in Jerusalem.
14 When you see this happening, you'll be happy deep inside, and you'll prosper like growing grass. The Lord's power will be recognized as blessing his servants and cursing his enemies. 15 Look! The Lord is coming surrounded by fire, his chariots whirling like the wind, to express his anger with fury, to give his reprimand in flames of fire. 16 The Lord will execute judgment on everyone by fire and by his sword. There will be many killed by the Lord.
17 Those who dedicate themselves and make themselves pure in order* “Dedicate themselves and make themselves pure”: this is referring to pagan practice, not to the worship of the true God. to enter the sacred gardens, to worship the idol placed in the center, and to eat pork and vermin and rats and other disgusting things—they will all die together, says the Lord. 18 I know “Know”: Septuagint reading. what they're doing and what they're thinking. I will soon come to gather all nations and peoples of different languages. They will come and see my glory. 19 I will give them a sign, and I will send some who survive to the nations. They will go to Tarshish, to the Libyans and Lydians “Libyans and Lydians”: literally “Pul and Lud.” (who are famous as archers), to Tubal and Greece, and to the distant lands that haven't heard about me or seen my glory. They will announce my glory among the nations. 20 They will bring back all your people from every nations to my holy mountain in Jerusalem as an offering to the Lord. They will come on horses, in chariots and wagons, and on mules and camels, says the Lord. They will bring them in the same way the Israelites bring their grain offerings to the Lord's Temple using vessels that are ceremonially clean. 21 I will choose some of them as priests and Levites, says the Lord.
22 As the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, will last forever, so your descendants and your reputation will also last forever, says the Lord. 23 Everyone will come and worship me, from one New Moon to the next, and from one Sabbath to the next, says the Lord. 24 They will go out and see the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me. The worms that eat them won't die, the fire that burns them won't go out, and everyone who sees them will be horrified.

*66:3 A dog was considered both unclean and a low form of animal life.

66:5 Referring back to verse 2.

66:5 Clearly said with sarcasm.

§66:7 Referring to Jerusalem as a woman.

*66:17 “Dedicate themselves and make themselves pure”: this is referring to pagan practice, not to the worship of the true God.

66:18 “Know”: Septuagint reading.

66:19 “Libyans and Lydians”: literally “Pul and Lud.”