When that happens, declares the Lord, the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of the officials, the bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the people of Jerusalem will be taken out of their graves. They will lie exposed to the sun and moon, and to all the stars which they loved, which they served, which they followed, which they consulted, and which they worshiped.* The repetition emphasizes the inability of these “gods” to do anything to protect even the bones of their worshipers. Their bones will not be collected or reburied, but will be left like manure lying on the ground. Those who are left of this evil family will prefer to die rather than live in every place I've scattered them, declares the Lord Almighty.
Tell them this is what the Lord says: When people fall down, don't they get up again? When people go the wrong way, don't they turn around? So why have these people of Jerusalem gone the wrong way? Why do they refuse to turn around from their repeated betrayals, holding on to all their lies? I've heard exactly what they said, but they don't tell the truth. No one is sorry for doing wrong, asking, “What have I done?” Everyone chooses their own way, like a horse charging into battle.
Even storks high in the sky know when it's time to migrate. Turtledoves, swifts, and songbirds know when to fly away at the right time of the year. But my people don't know the laws of the Lord. How on earth can you say, “We're wise, and we have the Law of the Lord?” Can't you see that the writings of your teachers of the Law have turned it into lies? The wise will be shown to be foolish; they will be shocked at being caught out. Can't you see that they've rejected what the Lord says—so do they have any wisdom at all?
10 I'm going to give their wives to others, and their fields to different owners, since everyone cheats because they're greedy, poor and rich alike. Even prophets and priests—they are all dishonest liars! 11 They give my wounded people first aid, but they don't really care about them. They tell them, “Don't worry! We have peace!” even as war approaches. 12 Are they ashamed of the disgusting things they did? No, they're not ashamed at all, they can't even blush. So they will fall just like the others, when I punish them; they will drop down dead, says the Lord. 13 I'm going to destroy them, declares the Lord. There will be no grapes left on the vines, no figs on the trees—even the leaves will wither. They will lose whatever I gave them.
14 The people say, “Why are we sitting around here? Let's get together and run to the fortified towns. We can die there, for the Lord our God is killing us by giving us poisoned water to drink, because we sinned against him. 15 We hoped for peace, but instead nothing good has come; we hoped for a time of healing, but instead there was only sudden terror.”
16 The snorting of enemy horses can be heard from Dan. Dan was in the north of the country and would be the first to experience invasion. The whole country shakes in fear at the sound of the neighing of these strong stallions, They have come to destroy the country and everything in it; Jerusalem and everyone who lives there. 17 Watch out! I'm sending snakes among you, vipers that can't be charmed. They will come and bite you, declares the Lord.
18 Nothing comforts me Jeremiah is the speaker. in my suffering;§ The Hebrew of this line is obscure. I feel terrible inside. 19 Listen to my people crying out for help from a distant land, asking “Isn't the Lord present in Zion anymore? Has her King left?”
Why have they made me* The Lord is the speaker. angry, worshiping their carved images and their useless foreign idols?
20 “The harvest is over, the summer is finished, but we're not saved,” say the people. “Say the people”: supplied for clarity
21 I'm crushed by the injuries suffered by my people; I mourn for them. I'm horrified at what's happened! 22 Isn't there any ointment from Gilead to help heal them? Aren't there any doctors there? So why haven't my people been healed from their wounds?

*8:2 The repetition emphasizes the inability of these “gods” to do anything to protect even the bones of their worshipers.

8:16 Dan was in the north of the country and would be the first to experience invasion.

8:18 Jeremiah is the speaker.

§8:18 The Hebrew of this line is obscure.

*8:19 The Lord is the speaker.

8:20 “Say the people”: supplied for clarity