1 Peter
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18-19 Your ancestors used to do bad things, like that their descendants copied them. In that same way you also were staying. You fellows know that one, Jesus Christ, people killed him. When they did that to him, he became like what-was-it, he became like a little sheep, that really healthy one, without sickness or sores, long ago after people did something bad, they used to kill a sheep, they used to say to God, “I did a bad thing. Because of that I have killed this sheep, in exchange don't hit me for that bad thing, just let me off.” Jesus Christ became like that sheep for us. He did a really big thing for us, our boss died for us! Satan cannot hold us, from now on Satan is not our boss! Jesus took our part, he did it once for everybody forever. Because of that you must think about him very seriously and with fear.