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This Back translation may not be up to date to the Ngangumarta text
1a This word is from me Paul, and from what's-his-name, from Silas and from Timothy also. We are writing to you believers in that (distant) town, in Thessalonica. You all belong to God and to Jesus. That God is our Father and that Jesus Christ is our Boss. You all belong to those two. This word is for all of you. 1b We ask God our Father and Jesus Christ our Boss also, that those two will take good care of you and make your feelings peaceful.
2-3 We keep on asking God he will do good to you all. We remember that you believe in the Boss Jesus Christ, because of that you always do things in the right way. You love God, because of that whatever you do you continually do it the right way for God. You believe the Boss Jesus will come from above, then he will take you to God's country. Because of that you continually follow him. Others made it bad for you, (but) you did not back away. We remember what you are like. Because of that we continually say to the Father Above, “Thankyou!” Yes, we know about you, God loves you and he chose you to become his (people). 5a We came to you, we told you, “God sent Jesus to help you/take your part.” You believed not just as a result of our word. No! God’s Good Spirit came to you, he told you, “That is a true word!” You believed that word. Because of that we know about you that God chose you to become his people. 5b At that (time) when we were with you, you know about us, we did whatever we did so you will do in that same way like us. As soon as you heard us, you also did like we did and like our Boss Jesus did, whatever you did you did properly. Others keep you in a bad way, unsuccessfully they prevent you from believing in him. You keep on believing in him gladly. The Good Spirit keeps you happy. Because of that other believers in those two countries, in Macedonia and in Achaia, they understood that they should become like you. That word about the Boss Jesus spread out from you to all the people in Macedonia and Achaia. They weren't the only ones that heard that word, others also in countries everywhere heard that word, they all know about you, you believe in God. We did not tell them about you, they already knew about you. People in countries everywhere talk about you. They know about you, you listened to our word, because of that you abandoned your deceptive dreamtime-being-like ones and you wanted very much to become God's people. God is the one who truly lives forever. 10 Yes, you believe in that one who lives forever, you are waiting for his son Jesus. He made Jesus alive after death. Now you are waiting for Jesus to return from the sky. He is the one who took the place of/helped us believers. Because of that God will not look at us with anger.