Maybe some people are thinking, “When will the Boss Jesus return to get us? When will he hit those who habitually do evil?” Our Boss will come very suddenly/quickly. You already know for sure about that word. I won't teach you about that with this letter. When will he come? About that we are all ignorant. We already told you that about him, he will come suddenly/quickly indeed. ————————————————- Many people will not be expecting him. Yes. A thief might go to another person's camp in the night. Those others are ignorant about when he will arrive in their camp. They will not wait alertly for that thief. In that same sort of way the Boss Jesus will suddenly come very close for us, many people will not be expecting him. At that time they will say, “Everything is good. Others will not hit us with anger.” They will be talking in that sort of way, at that very time the Boss Jesus will appear. He will hit them really quickly, he will hit them really hard, they will not be able to hide from him. You know about pregnant women giving birth, it is very painful, they cannot stop the babies from being born. It will be like that for people, the ones who are distracted/not paying attention, when the Boss Jesus comes they will not be watching for him. They will try in vain to hide from him. 4-5 Yes, you are not like others, the ones who are not God's. They live in what is like darkness, Satan's darkness. They are not expecting the Boss Jesus to come. When he comes they will get a shock/be startled. You are not like those ones. You belong to God, you live in his light. You are waiting for Jesus. When he comes you will not get a shock, you will be happy. We are not living in darkness. We should not be sleeping all the time like others. We should be alert waiting expectantly for the Boss Jesus to come. We should not be like those who are habitual drunkards, those are drinking all the time. It's in the night that people sleep, those who are habitual drinkers get drunk in the night also. We should not be like them, they live in the darkness. We belong to God, we live in his light. Therefore we should live in an appropriate way, not like the drunkards. We should always trust God and take care of one another well. We should remember, Boss Jesus himself will take us to his Father's country. When we act in that way God will keep us safe from Satan. 9-10 God chose us, he made us his own people. He did that not to look on us with anger and to hit us. He chose us in order to take care of us, he will take us to his own country. That is the very reason he sent Jesus our Boss to us. He died for us to rescue us. Later he will return to get us all, the living ones and the dead ones. He will take us all to be with him for ever. 11 Therefore remind each other with this word, then you will not be sad / worried. You have already been telling each other this word. You should keep on doing like that in order to believe strongly/firmly. 12 Yes, we ask you to think well of your leaders. God himself chose those leaders for you. Truly they really take care of you and they teach you believers how to live in the proper way. 13a In that sort of way they work for you. Therefore truly think well of them and love them. 13b Don't argue with each other. 14 We want you to do this sort of thing: Some among you are habitually not workers, tell them they must work. Some among you are fearful. Say to them, “Trust God! He will take care of you. Don't be afraid!” Some among you are habitually slack, tell them, “In a true way follow the Boss Jesus!” Behave gently with everyone. 15 Some people might do wrong to you, don't you do wrong to them in response. Take care of each other really well, others also, take care of them, the ones who don't know the Boss Jesus. 16 Always be really happy. 17 Keep on talking to God. 18 Continually say “Thankyou!” to God. Say like that to him when you are in a good way and when you are in a bad way also. Christians should do like that. God wants that sort of thing. 19-20 Perhaps the Holy Spirit will talk to you, do not be inattentive. Perhaps another person will tell you that he is speaking a word from God. Don't ignore that word. 21-22 Listen carefully to that word. You should ask yourselves, “Is that word true? Is it from God?” Perhaps it is indeed really true, then act according to that word. Perhaps it is really false, not from God, it is bad. Don't do according to a bad word.
(5:23 - 28)
23 God is with you, he himself looks after you well. Therefore your feelings are at peace. I ask God for you that he will keep you safe, without badness. I ask for you that he will take care of your spirit and mind and body well. In this very way you will stay without badness forever. One day Jesus Christ our Boss will return from the sky, he will say you are truly good, without evil. 24 God himself picked you to become his own people. He is dependable, he will make you really good and keep you safe. 25 Yes, you should ask God for us that he will take care of us also. 26 You all belong to the Boss Jesus. When you are together in a group give each other a hug with happiness. 27 I, Paul, tell you, God wants you to listen/pay attention to this word. You should read this letter for everyone to hear.