Then God said to him, “Again put your hand into your shirt.” Again he put his hand in there, then he withdrew it, it was good, it was like his other hand, without sickness. God said, “You will show them the stick, they will see, it will become a snake. After seeing that they might not believe your words. Then you will show them your hand, it will become white from sickness, then it will become well again. After that perhaps they will believe I have sent you. If they still do not believe you, you shall take some water from the river, from the Nile river. You will pour it on the dry ground, that water will become blood.”
10 Moses said to him, “I can't go to them, I am a poor speaker. Previously I did not speak well, and still I speak slowly and hesitantly.” 11 God said to him, “Who gives people their mouths? I am the one. Who makes some people unable to speak? Who makes some people deaf? I am the one. Who makes some able to see? Who makes some blind? I am the one, Yawayi. 12 You will go to Egypt. I will tell you what to say, and I will help you to say it.” 13 Moses answered, “Not me, please send another.” 14 With this word God became angry with him. He said to Moses, “Your own older brother, Aaron, have you thought about him? I know about him, he is a good speaker. Truly, he is coming now to meet you. When he sees you he will be glad. 15 You will speak to him, you will tell him what to say. I will help you two to speak, and I will tell you two what to do. 16 He will speak to the people for you. You will tell him my words and he will speak for you. 17 Take your stick with you, with it you will do wonderful (things).”
18 Then Moses returned to his father-in-law, to Jethro. He said to him, “Please let me go back to Egypt to see my relatives. Perhaps they are still alive.” Jethro said to him, “Yes, you will go well.”
19 While Moses was still in Midian, God said to him, “Long ago those in Egypt wanted to kill you. Now they are all dead. Now you will go back to Egypt.” 20 Because of that Moses got his wife and his 2 sons, he put them on a donkey. After that he was going towards Egypt. He was carrying that (previously mentioned) walking stick, God had told him to take that one. 21 Again God said to him, “Now you are going back to Egypt. I have showed you the wonderful (things) that you must do. Truly you must do them all, he will see them all, that Egyptian king. But I will make him stubborn, he will not let your people go. 22 Then you must tell the king this word of mine: 'I am Yawayi. The Israeli mob are for me like a son, like a first-born male. 23 Let my people go free, so that they can pray to me and give gifts to me. Listen to me. If not I will kill your first-born son.' Like that you will speak to the king.”