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13 I will talk to you, you Christians. Some will say to you, “Truly you will listen to Moses' words, long ago he put it down for the Jews. You must do according to his word. If you don't, you don't belong to Jesus Christ.” They will talk like that to you. Their word is a lie. Jesus came from God to rescue us. You believed in him. That (emphatic) is how you became his people. You didn't become Jesus' people by the hearing of Moses' word.
Look after yourselves for fear of deception! Don't say to yourselves, “We belong to Jesus Christ, he forgave us. We won't pay attention to Moses word. Now we can boldly do whatever we want to do!” Do not talk like that! From talking like that, you might become really greedy for food, for grog, for women, for men, for other things of that sort, you might hit each other, you might steal, you might do other bad things. Do not give yourselves to do bad things. You should really never do like that! You belong to Christ. Because of that from now on truly you should not do anything bad, you will always do in accordance with Christ's word, you will really love him, from doing that you will really look after each other. 14 God put down different kinds of laws for us. He gave us these laws so that we will all stay in the right way, we will look after others, we won't do wrong for them. He put one really big law for us all: This one law holds all the other laws from God: “You really look after yourself. Like that you should look after everybody as well, like how you look after yourself.” 15 I've thought about you all that you might go a wrong way. What then? Are you fighting each other over words? Are you being rude to each other? Look after yourselves! From doing those bad things you will make each other sheer left-over rubbish.
16 This is a really important word I tell you: You should listen to God's Spirit. Keep paying attention to him, keep on doing according to his word. From doing that you won't do bad things. Keep on saying to yourselves, “Truly I won't please myself, I will please God (emphatic).”
17 You all knowabout people, we have a self-centred spirit, we still want to please ourselves. We want one thing, a bad thing, God's spirit wants a different thing, a good thing. He wants good things, appropriate things. All who listen to God's Spirit he will lead them in the right way, for appropriate things, he will prompt their feelings lest they do bad things. 18 Pay attention to God's Spirit. From doing that, you won't have to think about Moses law. 19 Many people will not pay attention to God's spirit. Truly they are ignorers. You know what people are like, as soon as we are born all our spirits are continually self-centred, we always want to do bad things, we do bad things all the time. Because of that some want to have illegal sex with others, some men have sex with men, some women have sex with women, some don't restrain themselves in the right way. 20 Some carve false things like spirit beings, they praise those things from their hearts, they do bad things to others with magic, they hate each other, they quarrel with each other, they become jealous of each other, they get angry quickly, they get overly proud, they separate from each other, they continually stay with their own mob, 21 they want other people'sbelongings, they get drunk, when they are drunk in a mob they get silly, they do bad things, they do all sorts of things like that. They continually do things like that with their self-centred spirit. Those ones that do those things will not live with God in his country. That's a true word. I have already told you seriously, now I am reminding you again: The ones who do those sorts of things won't stay with God. 22 Some people will still continually pay attention to God's Spirit. He will make them think another way, a good way. He prompts people to love each other, he makes them happy, he makes them calm, he makes them patient, he makes them good people, he makes them reliable, 23 he makes them gentle with people, they will restrain their own self-centred spirits. What do you think? What person will say, “To do things like that is bad. Do not do things like that!” There is no way that that person will talk like that! 24 Those ones that belong to Christ Jesus will continually say to themselves, “My self-centred spirit wants to do bad things. No way! I will leave bad things. I won't be a self-centred person. I will only pay attention to God's Spirit!”
25 Yes! The Holy Spirit made us alive. Therefore we should say to him he will be our boss. 26 We should not become proud, we should not annoy each other, we should not become jealous of each other.