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18 This story I will tell, Jesus Christ became a person (OR man). His mother Mary they gave (as) a promised one to Joseph. Joseph was waiting to take her to his camp. After that she became pregant. God's Spirit put the child in her womb. After that they were telling a word to Joseph, “Mary is pregnant.” 19 Joseph thought, “Mary has been sleeping with a man. I will not take her as my wife.” Joseph was a good type. He did not want to make Mary ashamed in front of people. He thought he wanted to send her away without a growling.
20 He was thinking hard. After that he had a dream. In the dream he saw an angel, God sent it to him. The angel said to him, “Joseph! you are from David's mob! Listen! Don't be upset about the woman Mary. God's Spirit gave her the child. Therefore you can (OR will OR should) take her as your wife. 21 She will have a male child. You will name him Jesus. People are habitual ignorers/disobeyers of God. Because they are like that God might send them away from him forever. Jesus will be a stand-in for them.” Like that the angel spoke to Joseph.
22-23 A long time ago a man spoke a word from God. “A woman, she has never slept with a man, will become pregnant. She will have a male child. They will name him Immanuel.” In the Jews' language that name means God is with us (all). After that when Jesus was born, they knew about that word, it was Jesus (himself).
24 Joseph got up from sleep, he did what the angel said (lit 'at the angel's word'). He took Mary to his camp. They made those two husband and wife. 25 After that those two did not sleep together. They were waiting for the child to be born. Joseph named that child Jesus.