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Happy are those people who won't listen to the words of bad people,
they don't want to do like the bad people do and
they don't join the ones who are rude to God.
They are really happy when they think about God's word, and they always pay attention to it.
You all know about a tree near a pool,
it is always good,
it has good fruit and
its leaves don't dry up.
Good people are like that tree.
They do things the right way, it comes out well for them.
The bad people are not at all like this;
they are like what's-its-called, like the rubbish after yandying, the wind blows it away.
God will hit them hard.
He will separate them out,
they won't stay with his mob.
God looks after his mob on the right road.
It is very different for bad people,
they are going to a really bad place.