Psalm 32
Some people have done badly,
but they told God they were sorry,
and he let them off.
Now they are very happy.
Some people have done badly,
but they told God they were sorry,
they did not try to deceive him,
and he did not growl at them.
Now they are very happy.
Previously I did badly
and I did not tell God about it.
Because of that I kept on crying all day long,
I was exhausted by the crying.
Day by day, night by night,
you made it hard for me, Lord.
I was weakened completely.
In the summer the sun pierces the water and dries it up.
In that same way you growled at me, Lord,
and I became very weak and thin,
I nearly died.
Then I told you true,
like that I had done badly.
I did not try to hide from you,
I decided I would tell you the whole story,
I told you I was ashamed of myself.
Because of that you let me off completely.
Therefore all your people,
the ones who believe in you,
should tell you about their problems.
They should ask you,
“God, what should I do about this?”
With doing that they will go well.
When really big trouble comes for them,
like a big flood rushing along in a creek,
you will care for them,
that trouble will not get high enough
to carry them away.
I am safe when I am with you,
You will keep me well when trouble might hurt me.
You take my part.
Therefore I sing loudly,
“Ngarrka has saved me!”
8-9 The Boss says, “Listen to me!
Don't be stupid like a horse or donkey.
You must put a bridle on them.
If you don't, they won't go where you want them to go.
Don't be stupid like them.
Should I have to put a bridle on you? No indeed!
With my words I will teach you the way you should go.
I will tell you what I want you to do.
You should keep on paying attention to me.
10 Wicked people will make a lot of trouble for themselves,
but the Lord continually loves those who trust in Him,
he takes good care of them.
11 All you people who do rightly,
look at what the Boss did!
Be glad! Rejoice!
All you people who obey the Boss,
shout for joy!